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Disney's Tarzan

  • Platform: PlayStation
  • Release Year: 1999
  • Last Update:
  • Category: Platformer
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Disney's Tarzan, a game adapted from the hit animated movie, found a special place in the hearts of PlayStation 1 (PS1) gamers. Available as the original Tarzan PS1 game and also in the form of a Tarzan PS1 ROM for modern emulation, this game offers a vibrant adventure through the jungle of Africa, combining platforming challenges and story-driven gameplay. This blog post delves into the gameplay, provides guides for navigating the game's challenges, discusses the boss battles, and introduces the characters that make Disney's Tarzan an enduring and beloved game.


The gameplay of Disney's Tarzan on the PS1 is a captivating mix of 2D and 3D platforming action. Players take on the role of Tarzan, from his days as a young boy to becoming the protector of the jungle.

Tarazan explores the forest

The game faithfully follows the movie's storyline, with levels that include swinging from vines, riding on the back of an elephant, and surfing down tree branches. The Tarzan PS1 game is known for its variety of levels, each offering unique challenges and environments. Players must navigate through these levels, collecting coins, tokens, and power-ups, while avoiding obstacles and enemies native to the jungle setting.


For gamers looking to master Disney's Tarzan, various guides offer invaluable tips and strategies. These guides cover everything from basic controls and gameplay mechanics to advanced tactics for tackling the more challenging levels. They also provide insights into the locations of hidden items and how to unlock bonus levels and mini-games. For players using a Tarzan PS1 ROM, these guides can be especially helpful, as they might encounter slight variations or nuances in gameplay due to the emulation.

Boss Battles

Boss battles in Disney's Tarzan are memorable encounters that test players' skills and adaptability. These battles often require more strategy than regular gameplay, challenging players to utilize all of Tarzan's abilities learned throughout the game. From facing off against aggressive leopards to the final confrontation with the hunter Clayton, each boss battle is a significant and thrilling part of the Tarzan PS1 game experience.


The characters in Disney's Tarzan are an integral part of its charm. Players primarily control Tarzan, experiencing his journey from a young boy to a man of the jungle.

Tarazan looks for coins in the forest

Other beloved characters from the film, such as Jane, Terk, and Professor Porter, also make appearances, adding to the game's authenticity and appeal. The Tarzan PS1 game does an excellent job of bringing these characters to life, complete with voice acting and animations that closely mirror the movie.


Disney's Tarzan for the PS1 stands as a testament to how video games can effectively capture and extend the magic of a film. Its blend of exciting gameplay, helpful guides for players, challenging boss battles, and faithful character representation makes it a game that continues to be enjoyed by both older fans and a new generation of players through the Tarzan PS1 ROM. Whether you’re swinging through the jungle as Tarzan or exploring every nook of this beautifully animated world, Disney’s Tarzan offers a fun and immersive experience that brings the adventure and spirit of the movie to the gaming world.