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Kirby & The Amazing Mirror

  • Platform: Gameboy Advance
  • Release Year: 2004
  • Last Update:
  • Category: PlatformerAdventure
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Kirby & The Amazing Mirror, released for Nintendo the Game Boy Advance in 2004, is a delightful addition to the Kirby series that takes the iconic pink puffball on a reflective adventure. Developed by HAL Laboratory, this installment introduces a non-linear, interconnected world, setting it apart from its predecessors.

Kirby uses sword ability

The gameplay of Kirby & The Amazing Mirror unfolds in the magical Mirror World, a realm divided into multiple mirror fragments. Unlike traditional Kirby games, this installment embraces exploration and discovery. Players navigate through various interconnected areas, solving puzzles, defeating enemies, and unlocking new abilities to progress. The game's open-world design encourages players to experiment with different paths, making each playthrough a unique experience.

One distinctive feature is the introduction of multiplayer support through the Game Boy Advance Link Cable. Players can team up with friends, each controlling a different-colored Kirby, to tackle puzzles and challenges cooperatively. The multiplayer dynamic adds an extra layer of enjoyment, fostering camaraderie as players explore the whimsical Mirror World together.


Guides for Kirby & The Amazing Mirror serve as invaluable companions for those venturing into the labyrinthine Mirror World. Comprehensive walkthroughs often cover the intricacies of navigating the interconnected areas, uncovering hidden paths, and defeating the powerful bosses scattered throughout the game.

In-depth guides delve into the various Copy Abilities Kirby can obtain, offering insights into their uses and potential combinations. Understanding the synergy between abilities becomes crucial for overcoming obstacles and discovering secret areas. Additionally, guides may provide tips on finding the elusive Mirror Shards, which play a pivotal role in unlocking the game's ultimate challenge.


The charming cast of characters in Kirby's Amazing Mirror contributes to the game's whimsical atmosphere. In addition to the familiar faces of King Dedede and Meta Knight, this installment introduces Shadow Kirby, a mysterious counterpart to the pink hero. The interactions between Kirby and his counterparts add a layer of intrigue to the narrative, creating a sense of camaraderie in the face of the Mirror World's challenges.

Players can encounter various other Kirby colors throughout the game, each representing a different player in multiplayer mode. The inclusion of multiplayer characters enhances the cooperative experience, allowing friends to customize their Kirby and embark on a shared adventure through the Mirror World.


Boss battles in Kirby & The Amazing Mirror are a highlight, featuring imaginative designs and challenging encounters. From the towering Kracko to the enigmatic Dark Meta Knight, each boss presents a unique set of attacks and patterns that keep players on their toes. The non-linear structure of the game allows players to tackle bosses in different orders, adding a layer of strategic choice to the gameplay.

Kirby and his brother go on an adventure in the mirror world

The ultimate showdown with the Dark Mind serves as the pinnacle of the game's challenges. This powerful adversary tests players' skills and mastery of Kirby's abilities, providing a satisfying climax to the Mirror World adventure. Overcoming these formidable bosses requires not only quick reflexes but also a keen understanding of Kirby's versatile skillset.

Online Capability Without ROM Downloads

Kirby & The Amazing Mirror offers a delightful multiplayer experience without the need for downloading ROMs. Gamestalgia provides access to Game Boy Advance titles making it convenient for players to enjoy the adventure of playing retro consoles.

Players can connect with friends through these platforms, engaging in multiplayer sessions without the need for physical Link Cables or ROM downloads.

In conclusion, Kirby & The Amazing Mirror is a shining gem in the Kirby series, offering a unique and interconnected adventure through the Mirror World. With its engaging gameplay, comprehensive guides, charming characters, imaginative bosses, and the convenience of online play, Kirby & The Amazing Mirror continues to captivate fans. So, whether you're exploring the Mirror World solo or embarking on a cooperative journey with friends, this game promises a reflective and delightful adventure through the whimsical world of Kirby.