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Advanced Variable Geo

  • Platform: PlayStation
  • Release Year: 1994
  • Last Update:
  • Category: Fighting
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Advanced Variable Geo (also known as simply V.G. or Variable Geo) is a 2D fighting game that quickly garnered a cult following for its unique gameplay mechanics, vibrant art style, and charismatic cast of characters. Advanced Variable Geo offered a refreshingly different take on the fighting game genre, and its legacy continues to resonate with fans today.


Advanced Variable Geo Playstation 1 features a traditional fighting game setup, with players battling it out in rounds using a variety of attacks, throws, and special moves. Unlike many other fighting games of the era, however, Advanced Variable Geo emphasizes speed and agility over brute force. Players can move quickly around the stage, and attacks often chain together into fluid combos.

Yuka used uppercut to Reimi

One of the game's defining features is the "Variable Weapon System." Each character in Advanced Variable Geo wields a unique weapon that can be transformed into various forms during battle. This adds a layer of strategy and complexity to the gameplay, as players must learn how to utilize their weapon's different forms effectively.

In addition to the Variable Weapon System, Advanced Variable Geo also features several other unique gameplay mechanics, such as:

  • Super Moves: These powerful attacks can be unleashed by building up a special meter and performing a specific input.
  • Environmental Interaction: Players can interact with certain elements on the stage, such as throwing projectiles or jumping off walls.
  • Hidden Techniques: Each character has a hidden move that can only be performed under specific conditions.

These mechanics, along with the game's fast-paced action and responsive controls, contribute to making Advanced Variable Geo a truly special fighting game experience.


For those new to Advanced Variable Geo Playstation 1 or looking to improve their skills, here are some helpful guides:

  • Basic Controls:
    • D-pad: Move character
    • Button A: Attack
    • Button B: Jump
    • Button C: Special Move
    • Button D: Throw
  • Advanced Techniques:
    • Learn to chain together different attacks into combos.
    • Practice mastering your character's Variable Weapon transformations.
    • Utilize environmental interactions to your advantage.
    • Experiment with different characters and find one who suits your playstyle.
  • Unlockables:
    • The game features several hidden characters and stages that can be unlocked by completing specific challenges.

Playable Characters

Advanced Variable Geo Playstation 1 character roster

Advanced Variable Geo boasts a diverse cast of characters, each with their unique fighting style and personality. From the agile ninja Ayako Yuuki to the powerful wrestler Gen-An, there's a character for every player.

Yuka VS Reimi

Here are some of the most popular characters in Advanced Variable Geo:

  • Ayako Yuuki: A skilled ninja who excels at close-range combat.
  • Gen-An: A powerful wrestler who can unleash devastating throws.
  • Megumi Morisaki: A young woman who fights with a pair of tons.
  • Ryoko Izumi: A skilled martial artist who can control the wind.
  • Jin Saotome: A mysterious character who wields a pair of swords.

Super Moves

One of the most exciting aspects of Advanced Variable Geo Playstation 1 is its Super Moves. These powerful attacks can turn the tide of battle in an instant and are often visually stunning. Each character has their own unique Super Move, which can be performed by building up a special meter and performing a specific input.

Here are some of the most iconic Super Moves in Advanced Variable Geo:

  • Ayako Yuuki's "Shadow Clone": Creates multiple copies of herself to confuse and attack her opponent.
  • Gen-An's "Bear Hug": A powerful grapple that can instantly defeat an opponent.
  • Megumi Morisaki's "Tornado Kick": Launches a devastating kick that can send opponents flying across the screen.
  • Ryoko Izumi's "Windstorm": Creates a powerful vortex that can trap and damage opponents.
  • Jin Saotome's "Rising Dragon": A powerful attack that unleashes a dragon-shaped energy wave.


Advanced Variable Geo remains a unique and beloved fighting game experience that has earned its place in the genre's history. Its fast-paced action, innovative gameplay mechanics, and charming cast of characters continue to draw in players, both old and new. If you're a fan of 2D fighting games or simply looking for a nostalgic blast from the past, be sure to check