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The Mask

  • Platform: SNES
  • Release Year: 1995
  • Last Update:
  • Category: PlatformerArcade
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Released in 1995 for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES), "The Mask" is a side-scrolling action game that brings the iconic character to life. Developed by Black Pearl Software, this game is an interactive journey inspired by the dark and comedic world of the popular comic book and film series.

The Mask used Tornado to enemies

The gameplay of "The Mask" is a vibrant mix of platforming, beat 'em-up action, and puzzle-solving. Players take control of Stanley Ipkiss, the unsuspecting discovers wearer of the mystical Ancient Mask, as he transformed into the zany and powerful character known as The Mask. Throughout the game, players navigate a variety of levels, each filled with enemies, obstacles, and challenges that showcase The Mask's unique abilities.

The Mask's gameplay is a testament to the character's chaotic nature. With his cartoonish comics violence and over-the-top antics, players unleash a flurry of punches, kicks, and special moves to take down foes. The Mask's ability to transform into different personas, each with its own set of skills, adds a layer of strategy to the gameplay, keeping it dynamic and engaging.


Guides play a crucial role in helping players navigate the unpredictable world of "The Mask." From mastering The Mask's various transformations to solving intricate puzzles and defeating challenging bosses, guides serve as valuable companions on the journey through this animated adventure.

The Mask used punch to enemies

In-depth walkthroughs often provide tips on navigating specific levels, uncovering hidden secrets, and maximizing the use of The Mask's abilities. Whether it's overcoming challenging platforming sections or mastering the timing of special moves, these guides offer the insight needed to conquer the unpredictable challenges that The Mask's world presents.


At the center of "The Mask" is the dynamic character Stanley Ipkiss, a mild-mannered bank clerk whose life takes a wild turn when he stumbles upon the magical Mask. As players progress through the game, they witness Stanley's transformation into The Mask, a zany and powerful super hero character with a penchant for mayhem.

The game introduces players to other notable characters from "The Mask" universe, including Stanley's love interest Tina Carlyle, and the menacing villain Dorian Tyrell. Each character brings a unique dynamic to the game's narrative, offering a mix of humor, romance, and conflict that mirrors the spirit of "The Mask" franchise.


"The Mask" wouldn't be complete without a colorful array of enemies, each more eccentric than the last. From street thugs and henchmen to bizarre creatures, players encounter a diverse lineup of foes that challenge The Mask at every turn.

The enemies in "The Mask" showcase the game's commitment to capturing the chaotic essence of the source material. The Mask dispatches enemies with flair, using an array of over-the-top moves and abilities. From pie-throwing to cartoonish explosions, the game's enemies reflect the comedic and exaggerated nature of "The Mask" universe.

Boss battles add an extra layer of challenge, requiring players to utilize The Mask's various abilities strategically. These encounters often feature larger-than-life villains, each with their unique attacks and patterns. Overcoming these formidable foes is a satisfying testament to the player's mastery of The Mask's abilities.


"The Mask" for the SNES delivers an interactive and chaotic experience that stays true to the spirit of the beloved character. With its engaging gameplay, comprehensive guides, dynamic characters, and eccentric enemies, the game captures the essence of "The Mask" franchise. Whether you're a fan of the comic book, the film, or just in search of a retro gaming adventure, "The Mask" offers an entertaining journey into the wild and unpredictable world of Stanley Ipkiss and his mischievous alter ego. Strap on the green-faced mask and get ready for a gaming extravaganza filled with laughter, mayhem, and the unmistakable charm of "The Mask."