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Pokemon My Ass

  • Platform: Gameboy Advance
  • Release Year: 2004
  • Last Update:
  • Category: Role Play
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In the realm of Pokemon games, where epic adventures and mythical creatures abound, Pokemon My Ass for the Game Boy Advance (GBA) takes a bold step into the realm of satire and humor. The gameplay of Pokemon My Ass follows the core mechanics of traditional Pokemon titles but introduces a refreshing and humorous twist to the familiar formula.

Main Character VS Leader Brock

Trainers embark on a journey in a fictional world, capturing and battling Pokemon with a comedic flair. The game maintains the classic turn-based battle system, allowing players to engage in amusing confrontations with both wild Pokemon and rival trainers. What sets Pokemon My Ass apart is its commitment to absurdity—the inclusion of comically-altered Pokemon sprites, witty dialogue, and unexpected challenges that keep the gameplay experience light-hearted and entertaining.


While Pokemon My Ass doesn't take itself too seriously, it weaves a narrative that serves as a backdrop for the comedic escapades. Players assume the role of a protagonist whose ultimate goal is to become a Pokemon Master, but the journey is laden with absurd twists and turns. The narrative unfolds with comedic events, parodying classic Pokemon storytelling while introducing new and unexpected plot points.

Main Character travel the world to catch pokemon

The game's story is laced with humor, satire, and self-awareness. It breaks the fourth wall, acknowledging the absurdity of its premise and playfully teasing the conventions of the Pokemon series. Expect witty dialogue, unexpected plot developments, and a storyline that doesn't hesitate to poke fun at the beloved Pokemon tropes.


Pokemon My Ass introduces a roster of Pokemon that will leave players in stitches. The game takes creative liberties with Pokemon designs, offering hilarious interpretations of fan-favorite creatures. From quirky animations to amusing cries, every Pokemon encounter becomes a source of laughter.

Main Character fight Pokemon Squirtle

While the Pokemon may look different, their typings and moves adhere to the traditional Pokemon mechanics. This creates a unique dynamic where players engage with the familiar strategy of type advantages and move sets but with the added delight of witnessing unconventional and amusing Pokemon in action.


In Pokemon My Ass, the characters play a pivotal role in elevating the comedic atmosphere. The protagonist, while pursuing the goal of becoming a Pokemon Master, navigates a world populated by eccentric trainers, quirky NPCs, and an assortment of oddities. The character interactions contribute to the overall humor, with dialogue that is witty, self-aware, and laden with satire.

Rival trainers, gym leaders, and other characters embody exaggerated personalities, embracing the game's comedic theme. The rival, in particular, takes on a role that parodies traditional Pokemon rival archetypes, providing moments of humor and amusement throughout the journey.


Pokemon My Ass for GBA is a delightful departure from the conventional Pokemon experience, offering players a comedic and satirical take on the beloved franchise. With its humorous gameplay, entertaining story, comically reimagined Pokemon, and eccentric characters, the game stands as a testament to the versatility and creativity within the Pokemon universe.

For those seeking a Pokemon experience that embraces absurdity and doesn't take itself too seriously, Pokemon My Ass on GBA provides a hilarious and entertaining journey through a world where Pokemon and humor collide. Strap in for a unique and amusing adventure that celebrates the lighter side of Pokemon gaming.