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Gundam: Battle Assault 2

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"Gundam Battle Assault 2" for the PlayStation 1 (PS1) catapults players into the heart of the Gundam universe, offering a thrilling blend of intense mech combat, a captivating storyline, and a roster of iconic Gundams. Released during a time when giant robot battles captured the imaginations of fans, this game remains a classic in the mecha fighting genre. In this blog post, we'll dive into the adrenaline-pumping gameplay, explore the narrative that unfolds across the cosmos, introduce the formidable Gundams that players can command, and showcase the spectacular ultimate moves that define the mech mayhem.


At the core of Gundam Battle Assault 2 lies its dynamic and engaging gameplay, delivering high-octane mech battles that pay homage to the iconic Gundam series. The controls are intuitive, allowing players to execute precise movements, and devastating combos, and unleash a barrage of projectile attacks. The mechs, or Gundams, each come with their own set of unique abilities, ensuring diverse and strategic combat encounters.

The-O used super attacks to Dark in Gundam battle Assault 2

The game features a 2D fighting plane with full 3D character models, providing a visually striking and immersive experience. Players can engage in one-on-one duels, navigating arenas inspired by the Gundam universe. The varied terrain and interactive elements within the stages add an extra layer of strategy, requiring players to adapt their tactics to the environment.

Gundam Battle Assault 2's combat system emphasizes the use of melee and ranged attacks, creating a balanced and fast-paced experience. Whether players prefer to close in for powerful melee combos or rain down projectiles from a distance, the gameplay accommodates different playstyles. The inclusion of boost dashes and evasive maneuvers adds depth to the battles, allowing players to outmaneuver opponents and create thrilling moments of mecha acrobatics.


The narrative of Gundam Battle Assault 2 unfolds within the expansive Gundam universe, where political intrigue and interstellar conflicts set the stage for epic battles. Players embark on a journey through a storyline that intertwines various Gundam series, offering a cohesive narrative that spans the vastness of space. The game immerses players in the struggles of pilots, the ambitions of factions, and the overarching themes of war and peace.

As players progress through the single-player campaign, they encounter iconic characters and face off against rival mechs from different Gundam series. The narrative explores the complexities of the Gundam universe, delving into the motivations of pilots and the consequences of their actions. The inclusion of animated cutscenes adds cinematic flair, enhancing the storytelling experience and connecting players to the rich lore of the Gundam franchise.


The star attractions of Gundam Battle Assault 2 are undoubtedly the Gundams themselves. The game boasts a diverse roster of these colossal mechs, each with its own set of weapons, abilities, and unique characteristics. From the Gundam Wing series to Mobile Suit Gundam and beyond, the roster pays homage to the rich history of Gundam.

Deve Ziel VS Big-Zom

Players can choose their favorite Gundam, each offering a distinct playstyle and a range of powerful attacks. Whether piloting the agile and versatile Wing Gundam or the heavily armored RX-78-2 Gundam, the choice of mechs adds strategic depth to the gameplay. The attention to detail in replicating the iconic designs of these mechs contributes to the authenticity and nostalgia that Gundam fans appreciate.

Ultimate Moves

The pinnacle of mech combat in Gundam Battle Assault 2 is the execution of ultimate moves, known as "Super Attacks." These devastating maneuvers showcase the immense power and spectacle of Gundams, unleashing a barrage of energy, missiles, and beam attacks. Successfully landing a Super Attack not only deals substantial damage to the opponent but also treats players to a visually stunning display of mech firepower.

Each Gundam has its own unique Super Attack, adding an element of strategy to the battles. Players must time their ultimate moves wisely, seizing the opportune moment to turn the tide of the match. The satisfaction of executing a perfectly timed Super Attack and witnessing the ensuing cinematic sequence is a testament to the game's commitment to delivering epic mech battles.


Gundam Battle Assault 2 for the PS1 stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of Gundam and the excitement of mech combat. The game's engaging gameplay, intertwined narrative, diverse roster of Gundams, and spectacular ultimate moves create an experience that resonates with both Gundam enthusiasts and fans of fighting games. As players pilot their favorite mechs through interstellar battles, Gundam Battle Assault 2 captures the essence of the Gundam legacy, offering a thrilling adventure that spans the cosmos. For those seeking a mecha fighting game that delivers on intensity, strategy, and the awe-inspiring might of Gundams, Gundam Battle Assault 2 remains a classic that continues to captivate players and celebrate the iconic world of giant robots.