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Bakusou Kyoudai Lets and Go Eternal Wings

  • Platform: PlayStation
  • Release Year: 1998
  • Last Update:
  • Category: RacingAction
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"Bakusou Kyoudai Let's & Go!! Eternal Wings," often celebrated in the realm of Tamiya-based racing games, made a significant impact on the PlayStation 1 (PS1). This game, known as a Tamiya game for its use of the popular mini 4WD brand, combines the thrill of model car racing with strategic gameplay elements. In this blog post, we'll dive into the gameplay of Bakusou Kyoudai Let's & Go!! Eternal Wings, offers guides for mastering the game's challenges, discusses the Tamiya models featured, and explores the diverse tracks available in the game.


The gameplay of Bakusou Kyoudai's Let's & Go!! Eternal Wings is centered around the exciting world of Tamiya mini 4WD racing. Players take control of their miniature cars, navigating through various challenging tracks. The game stands out for its attention to the physics and mechanics of Tamiya car racing, offering a realistic yet accessible experience.

Magnum used ultimate move

Players must skillfully control their cars, managing speed and stability, to outpace competitors and avoid crashing. The game also includes customization options, allowing players to upgrade and modify their Tamiya cars with different parts to enhance performance. The Tamiya PS1 game provides an engaging mix of action-packed racing and strategic planning, making it a hit among fans of the genre.


For players seeking to excel in Bakusou Kyoudai Let's & Go!! Eternal Wings, various guides are available. These guides offer insights into the nuances of Tamiya racing, including tips on car customization, track navigation, and speed control.

They provide detailed walkthroughs of each race, including how to exploit track layouts and outmaneuver opponents. Additionally, guides can offer advice on the best combinations of Tamiya parts and how to maximize the potential of your car. Whether you're a newcomer to Tamiya games or an experienced racer, these guides are invaluable for dominating the tracks in this PS1 classic.


A key highlight of Bakusou Kyoudai's Let's & Go!! Eternal Wings is its faithful representation of Tamiya mini 4WD models. The game features a wide selection of Tamiya cars, each with unique characteristics and capabilities.

Players can choose from various models, including popular designs from the Tamiya catalog. The customization aspect of the game is a significant draw, allowing players to experiment with different parts and setups to create the ultimate racing machine. The Tamiya PS1 game captures the spirit of Tamiya model racing, offering an experience that is both nostalgic for enthusiasts and exciting for newcomers.


The tracks in Bakusou Kyoudai Let's & Go!! Eternal Wings are diverse and creatively designed, offering various challenges and environments. From traditional circuit tracks to more adventurous settings with jumps and obstacles, each track tests the player's racing and control skills. The game’s tracks are not only visually appealing but also require strategic thinking to navigate effectively.

Spider race in sand track

Players must learn the intricacies of each track, from tight corners to long straights, and adjust their racing strategy accordingly. The variety in tracks keeps the gameplay fresh and engaging, encouraging players to adapt and refine their racing techniques.


Bakusou Kyoudai Let's & Go!! Eternal Wings on the PS1 is a standout title in the racing game genre, particularly for fans of Tamiya mini 4WD. Its blend of exciting gameplay, comprehensive guides, detailed Tamiya models, and diverse tracks make it a game that continues to be cherished by racing enthusiasts.

The game offers a unique blend of high-speed action and strategic customization, capturing the essence of Tamiya model racing in a digital format. Whether you are revisiting this classic or discovering the joys of Tamiya racing for the first time, Bakusou Kyoudai Let's & Go!! Eternal Wings provides an experience that is both challenging and immensely enjoyable. For gamers looking for a racing game with depth, strategy, and a touch of nostalgia, this Tamiya PS1 game is an unmissable journey into the world of miniature racing.